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Jeans + Belt + Sweater + Sneakers = My Winter Uniform

Jeans + Belt + Sweater + Sneakers = My Winter Uniform

I definitely have a go-to look this season. The title of this post sums it up: jeans, a belt, a comfy sweater and sneakers make up my current style. Right now I'm all about mid- to high-rise skinny jeans with lots of distressing. I rotate favorites from Mother or AMO and I always pair my denim with a vintage belt. I'll top it off with a sweater since it's chilly in the wintertime (yes, it can get "cold-ish" in sunny California). I have a minor obsession with cashmere sweaters with really huge turtlenecks, but I love a great v-neck, too. I have a collection of white sneakers that I wear to finish the look. I've embraced the new athletic-shoe-as-fashion trend and I'm starting to wear a more chunky silhouette in addition to my streetwear sneakers.

Skull Cashmere 360 Cashmere www.shoptherapypasadena.com   Mother Denim www.shoptherapypasadena.com   Skull Cashmere www.therapypasadena.com

Frank & Eileen: My Sweater Alternative 

If it's a little too hot for the usual uniform, I'll throw on a Frank & Eileen button down shirt. I do a half-tuck and stick with my jeans, belt and tennies. Everyone always asks me if I like the Barry or Eileen fit better. The answer is BOTH. It just depends on the print and my mood.

My Take On Accessories

Anyone who knows me knows I'm not a huge accessory person, even though I own two women's clothing stores and an online shopping site. I do, however, love Marit Rae bracelets and pretty much anything from Dana Lyn. Both of these jewelry designers are great friends, and I'm so lucky to carry their lines at my stores. You really should see their pieces in person at Therapy in Pasadena or EG Page in San Marino. Come visit us and we can show you what's in stock.



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